Senior Copywriter

An accumulation of experience

Having amassed some 20 years’ experience in copywriting for over 150 different clients in dozens of industries, I’ve perfected the art of diving in at the deep end and being the constructively-critical outsider. And because I’ve also been on the front line of sales, marketing and PR, I truly appreciate the role every word and every interaction plays in achieving specific ambitions. I don’t claim the title of Senior Copywriter lightly!

Your independent voice of reason

Whether writing from scratch or editing or transcreating someone else’s work, I take a critical view of whether the story is complete, logical and relevant, from both my client’s business and their target audience’s perspectives. If it doesn’t add up, I call it out. A benefit that many clients hugely appreciate and has led to numerous long-term relationships, many of which have outlasted changes of personnel and management. In an ironic twist, my role as the independent outsider often results in me being the voice of continuity.

End-to-end thinking

My work with established brands, developing businesses and ambitious startups often involves getting under the skin of what makes them tick in order to suggest appropriate copy solutions. These insights into business proposition viability drive my holistic thinking, which is a significant value-add I bring to every assignment and every client relationship.

My journey

Raised in Southend-on-Sea, developed in London, gained international insights through living and working in various countries. I’ve sold things, been creative, planned projects and risen to all kinds of (mental & physical) challenges. A journey that fuels my unique proposition as an international senior copywriter and content strategist.

At the age of 14, I wrote a  slogan which won me an encounter with members of the England football squad. I didn’t realise it at the time, but my future career as a copywriter was in the making! 

London 2012 desk

The opportunity

I unwittingly entered the copywriting profession while working in a Dutch garden plant export company, when I was invited to improve their point-of-sale materials. As I spotted opportunities to develop the company’s global marketing and PR, one thing led to another and before I knew it I was writing impactful press releases, editorial articles for horticulture trade publications and entire B2B and B2C websites (one of which was nominated for an industry award), as well as being invited to give presentations at high profile trade shows. Meanwhile, the company became one of its sector’s most recognised trade brands.

Created all content for, a B2C website for gardening enthusiasts, which was nominated for a Garden Writers’ Guild award.

The transition

Always wanting to develop further, I decided to go out on my own in order to work with different businesses. My PR and copywriting work in the horticulture sector soon expanded to include copywriting for many other industries. Within two years of going freelance, I was writing for globally recognised brands in sectors as diverse as consumer electronics, air travel, alcoholic beverages, fashion and banking. Take a look at the clients I’ve worked for over the years.

Was one of the GamesMaker volunteers at the London 2012 Olympics, involved with maintaining the official website. An incredible experience being part of one of the world’s biggest and most watched events. 

London 2012 desk

Fun and facts along the way

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As a teenager I was an avid fan of my local football team, Southend United

Designed, made and sold clothes to local shops under my own label in the 1980s

Running the New York City Marathon 2009

Partying in 2018 at the Isle of Wight Festival

Moved from the Netherlands to Mallorca for a while

Ukraine solidarity

Solidarity with Ukraine

Officially confirmed IQ of 133 on Cattell scale – in the top 2% of the population

Working in a beach bar in Corfu 1996

On tour in UK with New Zealand heavy metal band Shihad, as their press officer in 1995

GamesMaker volunteer at London 2012 Olympics

Punching a hole in the Wall of Orange at the F1 2021 Dutch Grand Prix

Hair colour experiments in the 1980s

A past life spinning the decks in Southend, London, Prague and Amsterdam

Running the London Marathon 2014

Volunteering at Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014

On the 700,000 people march protesting against Brexit in October 2018

What I do

Copywriting by Miriam Young
Content planning by Miriam Young
Dutch to English Transcreation by Miriam Young

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