Copywriting services to help communications, promotional campaigns and business propositions succeed

Behind every successful communication exchange, promotional campaign and business proposition, lies a myriad of thoughts and possibilities. Identifying the compatible elements, and effectively utilising them, requires disciplined objectivity.

As a freelance senior copywriter, I provide this objectivity and deliver it through carefully chosen words. Adapted for every part of the process, from concept development to marketing execution, so everybody in the success chain clearly understands what matters to them. And is prompted to take appropriate action.

Combining the disciplines of Copywriting, Content Planning and Concept Development, I can assist organisations through every aspect of developing ideas and plans to communicating internal and external messaging. As a native English copywriter who lived in the Netherlands for 28 years, I also provide translation / transcreation from Dutch to English.

Copywriting … with a purpose

Original copywriting, content writing, copy editing, copy enhancement, conceptual copywriting. Long form, short form, SEO, digital, technical, creative, B2B, B2C … copywriting manifests in many different forms for many different purposes.

Whichever you need to help your business flourish, persuade customers, inform the (social) media or get your employees and stakeholders on side, I’m your woman.

Miriam Young copywriter

Envisage yourself in pole position

Content planning … mapping the journey

Planning ahead is the key to enticing your audience

Together, we’ll get your audience eating out of your hands

Before the copywriting starts, your content needs to be arranged in logical structure. The easier your audience can focus, the more likely they are to respond in the way you hope for.

Whether you’re starting a new project from scratch or want a sanity check on something you’ve already created, I’m available to analyse your content and cross-check it against your needs and ambitions.

Concept development … putting ideas into perspective

From developing a new product to deciding how to promote it, every stage in the journey to proposition success needs to be grounded in clear, yet inspirational definition.

I’ll help you achieve and act upon that definition by working with your team to examine ideas, explore their potential and distil them into tangible foundations.

Finding perspective through concept development

Opportunities exist at every level

Your language to English transcreation … never lost in translation

Miriam Young Dutch to English transcreation

An Englishwoman who lived in the Netherlands for 27 years

English is the world’s international language. But to be universally understood, it needs to be free from contamination from other languages’ structures, styles and sayings.

Transcreation is when translation and copywriting come together to correctly interpret not just words, but also context, tone-of-voice and colloquial phrases that can so easily get lost in translation, if translation is all you do.

I provide transcreation services from various languages to English. Having lived in the Netherlands for 27 years, my speciality is Dutch to English. But I can also transcreate copy from other languages such as German, French, Spanish and Japanese by working together with you.

Copywriting, Content Planning, Transcreation
and Concept Development services

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