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English is the international language of business and advertising. But when English isn’t your first language, or you’re communicating with an international audience, getting it right requires special attention.

Crossing language boundaries to communicate with customers, employees, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders is a disciplined craft. It takes more than a translation tool to ensure messaging makes sense to everyone. It takes an experienced international human copywriter.


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Miriam Young is a native English copywriter with over 25 years’ experience helping internationally-oriented companies craft effective messaging. Working directly with clients or via creative agencies, I’m familiar with the challenges of communicating across borders, language boundaries and cultural nuances. And I’m as at home with high-profile consumer brands as I am with B2B industry specialists.

My experience spans all forms of marketing, advertising, communications (internal, external) and documentation, across all kinds of industries. I can work with you and your team at every level. From developing requirements, rationales and content plans to English copywriting and transcreation from Dutch and other languages into natural English.

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Serving global brands, market leaders, industry specialists, ambitious startups, creative agencies and more …

Individual assignments, specific projects or as an ongoing team member.

Copywriting expertise

If good copywriting was as effortless as the end result makes it look, there’d be no need for people like me. But, as my clients already know, there’s a lot more to effective communication than good grammar and keywords.

Reaching that sweet spot where you and your audience truly connect comes through combining a broad range of skills and experience. It’s built on a foundation of marketing know-how, business appreciation and ability to empathise with any audience. All bound together via a passion for choreographing language.

Having been in this game over 25 years, I can proudly lay claim to all these qualities. Together with an ongoing hunger to learn. And although my British upbringing tells me it’s not polite to boast, I know it’s what you’re here to find out 🙂

Meet your freelance copywriter, Miriam Young

I’m a critical thinker wrapped in a copywriter’s skin. Specialised in getting to grips with the unfamiliar and filling the gaps in clients’ marketing, communication and concept development expertise.

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