Maximising the value of your copy

If your copy’s going to deliver on its purpose, the information flow has to align with your audience’s journey. With everything presented in the right position and context for where they’re at. Mapping out your content before the copywriting begins is the best way to avoid confusion and maintain attention.

Everything needs a plan

Whether you’re creating a complex website, an individual press release or anything in between, every communication you make is part of a bigger story. Your audience’s reaction feeds into your organisation’s ecosystem, so you need to be sure you’re guiding them in a beneficial direction.

Content planning is about ensuring the substance and context of your content is aligned with both your goals and your audience’s expectations, at every point. So every material you produce adds tangible value, whether you’re trying to sell, advise, instruct, generate enthusiasm or build a following.

A few well-positioned words can embed a brand in the minds of millions

More than words

A photograph can speak a thousand words. Which country does this make you think of?

Content isn’t just words. It’s also what you communicate in images, videos and sound.

Although I’m not the one who’ll create those other elements, I can be involved in writing labels, captions, voice over scripts and subtitles.

When you have a mix of content, I’ll ensure good relevance and synergy between text and visuals. Avoiding unnecessary duplication and making sure everything fits together in a complementary way.

Miriam Young – your content planner

Content planning is the foundation of copywriting. And is just as challenging to get right when you’re too close to the action. Although clients rarely come to me with this in mind, we often discover it’s where we need to start.

I’ll get all your facts and ambitions on the table, establish what binds them together and sort them into a logical structure. I’ll bring effective discipline to how your information, emotive triggers and calls to action are presented. While ruthlessly questioning anything that doesn’t appear to have a place and calling out gaps in your narrative.

Why me? Having held positions of responsibility in sales, marketing, PR and production over the years, I’m familiar with how all the pieces have to fit together. From both a practical business and an audience empathy perspective. My obsessively logical brain just loves solving this puzzle. While my creative side rises to the challenge of executing it with flair.

Failure to plan ahead by bringing proof of age to this Oklahoma bar nearly resulted in a brush with the law. Let’s make sure your content is better prepared!

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