Copywriting expertise for every brand and business need

Whether you’re trying to sell, motivate, inform or instruct, prompting the audience reaction you want requires carefully crafted messaging. Which takes time, effort and specific expertise to achieve.

I’m available to pick up where your in-house capability ends. Whether you need to start from scratch, add creativity to your ideas, tidy up your best endeavours, adapt content for different purposes or devise concepts to underpin deliverables.

So you and your people can focus on the jobs you do best. While I figure out the most effective way to spread the word.

The copywriter’s craft

When you’ve put your heart and soul into developing business ideas, presenting them to those beyond your inner circle can be a lot more difficult than you expect. The deeper you understand your offering, the harder it is to view it objectively from other people’s perspectives. Be they your customers, business associates or even your own colleagues.

As your senior copywriter, with the extensive experience and skillset that entails, I’ll cut through knowledge overload and assumed understandings to create clear communication that resonates with your audience. Resolving any mismatches between what you think you want to say and what’s actually necessary to get the results you want.

Miriam Young copywriter

Resetting audience perspective at mile 24 in the London Marathon

  • Ensuring narrative makes sense from start to finish
  • Challenging knowledge assumptions
  • Focussing on what your audience wants to know
  • Linking your message with what matters to your audience
  • Matching content to the target audience
  • Free from clutter
  • Avoidance of irrelevant information
  • Smooth connection between different aspects
  • Economical use of words
  • Structured into manageable chunks
  • Creation of appropriate headers.
  • Clear language, which considers audience proficiency with English
  • Correct audience targeting
  • Realistically deliverable promises
  • Clear pathways to desired action
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Consistent use of UK or US English
  • Unambiguous messaging
  • Carefully considered word choices
  • Avoidance of repetition
  • Comfortable style and rhythm
  • Build-ups that lead to satisfying conclusions

Miriam Young – your copywriter

Good copywriting and content writing is a lot more than stuffing a template with key words. It’s about bringing out your brand or organisation’s unique character. Distinguishing yourself from competitors, making your audience feel welcome and, above all, coaxing them into taking the action you hope for.

As a senior copywriter, with the experience and range of skillsets that encompasses, I’ll get to know you and your business, think along with you to find the best solutions and support you in achieving results. My foundation in sales, marketing and publicity, coupled with a fascination with business model capabilities, means my head is always in the right place when it comes to joining the dots and formulating fit-for-purpose copy. Copy that works as well for your audience as it does for you.

Whatever promotional or informative assets you need to create, I’ll ensure they’re focussed on your goals while being distinctively you.

Getting the message across. In typical Greek character.

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