Why excellent English matters to your business

Whoever your audience is, showing them respect while demonstrating your own competence is the key to winning their trust. Language skills are at the frontline in this. That means being spot-on with all spellings, grammar and style. In every language you choose to communicate in.

As the default international language, English is used to connect with native and non-native speakers alike. While a native speaking audience will be especially sensitive to style nuances and grammatical errors, a non-native speaking audience needs technical accuracy to avoid confusion.

In all cases, if you want to win their respect and trust, you need to show them they matter by getting your English right. In every aspect.

Wordplay doesn’t always transcend different languages

Transcreation vs translation

Globally understood airport terminology, such as “Gate waiting area”, would be a lot more reassuring than this direct translation from Spanish!  

You might have nailed things in Dutch, or another language, but direct translation to English won’t necessarily work. Even if you’ve spell checked everything and applied your academic language knowledge, there’s still a high chance it won’t be in line with the way English is actually used.

This is because different languages each have their own patterns and nuances, which need to be addressed as attentively as the grammar itself if your translation is really going to make sense. In a multilingual society, where audiences from every country have their own linguistic habits, the native English speaker’s version is the only common ground.

While translation tends to take everything at face value, transcreation goes deeper to ensure complete transition to native English. This includes appropriate interpretation of context, word choices, tone-of-voice and colloquial phrases, along with adjustment of structure and style. Transcreation is where translation and copywriting come together to give you a perfect result.

And if your original Dutch text wasn’t written by an experienced copywriter, your transcreated version may even turn out to be better quality!

English copywriter in the Netherlands

As you know by now, I’m English born and bred, but I’ve lived in The Netherlands over 20 years. So I am pretty familiar with the Dutch language. OK, not enough to write it really well or hold a rewarding conversation. But I have truly mastered the art of written Dutch to English transcreation. So the result is understandable to native and non-native speakers alike.

If you have a website, brochure, direct marketing materials, internal communications or anything else in Dutch that you want to translate to English, mijn brein staat klaar voor je!

No Dutch person needs this picture to be explained!

En nu, schrijf ik een beetje in het Nederlands

Niet omdat ik goed ben met schrijven in het Nederlands (zoals je kunt zien!), maar omdat ik will demonstreren het belang van gebruiken van een native speaker waneer je wil iets te schrijven worden in een andere taal. Als je wil marketeren naar een Engels sprekend of internationale doelgroup, je heb wel nood voor een native Engels copywriter die kan goed vertalen van Nederlands.

Op zoek naar een native engels copywriter? Of wil je een vertaling van Nederlands naar Engels? Sta ik klaar voor je!

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