Client: Philips

My role

Content editor-publisher within a team tasked with distilling and updating over 123,000 pages of internal reference content, to make it suitable for transition to a new intranet system.

The business

Philips is one of the world’s largest electronics companies, developing and manufacturing products for personal care and beauty, audio-visual home entertainment, lighting, domestic appliances and professional medical equipment.

The project

To replace an outdated intranet consisting of 123,000 pages across numerous dissipated sites, Royal Philips embarked on a massive project to distil and transition the content into a consistent, searchable SharePoint intranet, which received an international 2016 Intranet & Digital Workplace Award.

Together with other content editors and publishers, I worked on a team comprising of content architects and IT professionals via Scrum to deliver ongoing targeted progress in a project with frequently-adjusting circumstances. Tasks included liaising with stakeholders throughout the global Philips organisation, contextualising and editing content within Philips guidelines and entering correct tagging and presentation in the SharePoint CMS.

Going beyond the brief I was brought in to fulfil, I took the initiative in creating an extensive online training resource which will be used by those editing content in the future. Achieving this involved simplifying and arranging a complex set of guidelines into digestible, easily searchable sections, which acted as live demonstrations of the way Philips’ new intranet is intended to be used.