Client: Tug Training & Consultancy

My role

Copywriter working with tug trainers, consultants and a communications professional to produce promotional materials. A complex challenge to ensure a multifaceted message resonates with a diverse audience.

The business

Tug Training & Consultancy (TTC) was established in 2016 to share a superior level of expertise concerning the use of tugs in maritime operations around the world.

Tugs are highly powerful and maneuverable boats which are attached to large ships and other vessels to control their movements in sensitive situations. Typical scenarios where tugs are deployed include entering and exiting ports, navigating inland waterways and docking with offshore constructions such as oil rigs.

Each of these situations requires highly skilled expertise to avoid mishaps which could result in costly damage to ships, cargoes and structures, or disruption which can be detrimental to all kinds of business operations. Human safety is also a major element in these high risk situations.

A very wide variety of stakeholders therefore have a vested interest in safe and efficient tug operation. TTC helps achieve this through providing an unprecedentedly broad range of services and expertise, spanning from training tug masters of all levels to advising owners of other vessels, structures and infrastructure on how to enable optimal tug operations.

The project

To introduce themselves to the world, TTC needed to communicate a complex and multifaceted message to many different types of businesses. They decided to do this through creating a whitepaper booklet laying out the necessity for the safety, efficiency and financial benefits realized through their services. This had to resonate with each of the potential client types by instilling confidence in TTC’s ability, without having a promotional slant.

To achieve this, I worked together with two highly experienced trainers / consultants from TTC and freelance communications professional Marjolein van Herel to extract the relevant information and present it in an appropriate manner for the industry. This was a challenging task which meant striking a fine balance between technical explanation, business interest and international readability. To complement the whitepaper, we also worked together to distil and adapt its content into a promotional summary folder for distribution at trade shows.